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PCB Factory Company Profile

Dongguan Pengchangbo Precision Circuit Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-level and high-precision circuit boards under Sharing International Electronics. Its products are widely used in communications, medical, military, automobiles, computer peripheral products, lighting, and professional colleges. R&D and other high-tech fields, with strong strength, stable quality and fast delivery, have been widely recognized by customers and the same industry.
The company has the technology to produce 20-layer boards. The board thickness-to-aperture ratio can reach up to 12:1, the maximum board thickness is 5.0mm; the maximum copper thickness is 6 OZ, the minimum mechanical drilling is 0.20mm, the minimum laser drilling is 4mil, and the minimum line width/pitch :3/3 mil: Rich experience in the production of thick plates, thick copper plates, high frequency plates, high TG plates, high-temperature ceramic plates, and high-precision impedance control boards. ,
The company currently has a daily delivery capacity of more than 100 kinds, a monthly production capacity of 40,000 square meters, and a multi-layer board ratio as high as 70%.
The company currently has more than 300 people, with a 40-person engineering team and a 90-person quality team. The management team has more than 8 years of PCB production experience, rich experience, familiar with engineering processing and impedance design, and tailor-made feasible design solutions for you. Use the powerful Genesis2000 software to provide technical support 24 hours a day.
The company implements the ISO quality management system, and continuously introduces innovative management concepts and business models, strengthens the staff training mechanism, pays attention to the cultivation of the comprehensive quality of the staff, implements the star rating, credits, and KPI assessment system for all employees, and encourages employees to continue to increase self-value , The potential is maximized. Our goal is to train first-class employees, manufacture first-class products, build a first-class enterprise, and jointly contribute to the development of the electronics industry, and jointly lay the foundation for China's circuit board industry in the international position. I believe you will be rewarded by obtaining super-value and efficient products and services. Become our long-term partner.

The company has advanced electroplating automatic lines

​​​​Sink copper wire and automatic screen printing machine

​​8KW Exposure Machine、Dry film machine、Flying Probe Tester、Developer、Grinding machine

​​​​​​​New precision PCB production equipment such as 6-head drilling machine

​​​​​​​​Monthly production capacity is 40,000 square meters

Factory certification
Management system certification​
IATF16949 system certification
Production Process​
Process capability​
Material system
Material testing​
Plant and equipment​
1. Good copper plating uniformity
2. Good penetration rate;  
3. Fine line plating capability;
4. Plated through holes;
5. Automatic loading and unloading;
7. High-quality spray nozzle plating.

Production capacity: maximum production size 500*1200MM
Maximum board thickness: 5.0MM

① Flow glue tester; ② SMT simulation furnace; ③ Hot air circulation oven; ④ Double disc grinder;

⑤Box-type resistance furnace; ⑥Leaded and lead-free tin furnace; ⑦Manual slicing punching machine 

⑧Automatic slicing gong prototype

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